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Granite Processing

Presently, most granite countertops are made from raw slabs that require considerable amount of expertise, labor, and time for their fabrication, while wastage of the scrap material created during handling, cutting, and processing must be dealt with. This is exactly why granite countertops cut from raw slabs are extremely costly to consumers. But all of this will change with the introduction of Pre-fabricated granite countertops. To avoid most of the disadvantages of using raw slabs, our counters are pre-cut and made to standard sizes for easy installation, while offering the same great looks at a fraction of the cost.

We purchase raw granite boulders from all around the world and shipped them to our facility for processing.Bridge saws will cut there boulders, 24 hours a day, into granite slabs

Bridge saws will cut there boulders, 24 hours a day, into granite slabsAfter the boulders are cut into slabs, our workers will place them on the polishing table. The surface of these slabs will be polished under pressure for 20-30 minutes to provide a deep and shine finishing.

All polished slabs will be placed finish-side down and bonded with 1-1/2” strips.Final products are place at a ventilated area for natural drying, and they will be ready for packing and loading.

Apex can help you through the process of adding the beauty of granite or marble to your home.

Consultation: We welcome you to visit our showrooms City of Fresno "2349 Monterey St, Fresno, CA 93721"; City of Clovis "1020 Holland Ave, Clovis, CA 93612 Or Los Angeles City of Vernon "5816 S. Boyle Ave, Vernon, CA 90058"

Feel free to view the various colors and textures. We'll be happy to give you prices on your choices.

s expert craftsmen cut granite slabs with precise detail

Our Showrooms: (Clovis) 1020 Holland Ave, Clovis, CA 93612; (Fresno) 2349 Monterey St, Fresno, CA 93721 or (Los Angeles) 5816 S. Boyle Ave, Vernon, CA 90058